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National Cyber Commission Unveils 6 Imperatives to Secure Digital Economy

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The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity has released a report that outlines six imperatives to ensure security of the digital economy.

The commission said in the report published Thursday that the government and industry should work together to defend and safeguard digital networks and the information infrastructure, as well as facilitate investments to protect the digital economy from security threats.

The document cites the need to prepare consumers to grow in the digital age, establish cyber workforce capabilities, ensure a secure and competitive digital economy and help the government to operate securely in the digital age.

The commission has called on public and private sectors to facilitate joint collaboration prior, during and after a cyber attack as well as develop a risk management process in order to respond and recover from such attacks.

Companies, government, educational institutions and individuals should consider how to “incentivize appropriate cybersecurity behaviors and actions” and identify those who will oversee the development of cyber standards, according to the document.

The report also calls for the identification of research and development efforts needed to advance cybersecurity and method to project the number of cyber professionals required by the economy.

The White House established the commission in April within the National Institute of Standards and Technology as part of the Cybersecurity National Action Plan that President Barack Obama launched in February.

National Cyber Commission Unveils 6 Imperatives to Secure Digital Economy

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