The Equipment Control and Management System (ECAMS) is a Jackpine middleware product that provides plug and play service-based management of hardware and software components along with monitoring/control of networked devices.


ECAMS support key portions of your system such as:

  • Communication and control software
  • Real-time, fault-tolerant communications
  • Service-oriented architectures

Customers & Adoption

ECAMS has been providing service management solutions for over 14 years. It is currently deployed in over forty platforms across the US Navy fleet, with new ones every every year as upgrades continue. It is a key component to the Common Submarine Radio Room.

ECAMS is a Navy SBIR success story and a key element of Jackpine's product portfolio.


Jackpine licenses development kits and runtime libraries for ECAMS on a per project basis. License typically include:

  • ECAMS run-time libraries
  • ECAMS development tools, including the automatic code generation (RemoteBean) tool, software/environment test tools, and examples
  • Software documentation
  • First year and follow on year software maintenance and upgrade programs

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