Industry-leading hybrid cloud orchestration and service automation suite.

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Jackpine Messaging

Messaging (UDP and JMS) management and utility solution.

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Middleware that provides plug-and-play service management, monitoring, and control.

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Recent News

CONS3RT 18.11 Released

Java 10 – All code and infrastructure has been updated to suport Java 10 and its new coding and security standards. This included multiple optimizations for better performance as well. More Approved Certificate Authorities – Additional CAs have been added to support more users.

CONS3RT 18.10 Released

Create and Manage Networks – Cloudspace admins can create and manage additional routable and/or internal networks. This includes defining IP space, gateway, connectivity, etc. Network Selection – At launch time, the network connections on each system can be selected from the      Cloudspace pool. IP Address Assignment – Users can now specify static IPs […]

Jackpine Technologies Introduces Blockchain in DevOps

Maynard, MA May 10 – Today Jackpine Technologies Corp. announced the integration of blockchain technology into CONS3RT (, its flagship cloud, security and DevOps orchestration platform. This industry-first integration establishes both full traceability of system integrity and smart contracts for automated decision making. As an orchestrator, CONS3RT takes complex tools and technologies and makes them […]

CONS3RT 18.9 Released

New Host Workspace – A new workspace for a user’s hosts with a view across all runs that includes real time deployment and install status. The view can be filtered by Cloudspace, state and OS family. Run Breadcrumb Navigation – Trace back from a run to the parent assets.