Industry-leading hybrid cloud orchestration and service automation suite.

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Jackpine Messaging

Messaging (UDP and JMS) management and utility solution.

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Middleware that provides plug-and-play service management, monitoring, and control.

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Recent News

Express Interface Now Available to All Users

Standard users can now enter the Express User Interface by expanding the Account Management menu from the user icon in the upper right and selecting *Express Mode*. This new shortcut gives Standard users quick and easy access to the Express UI for training, demos, and troubleshooting. To return to the Standard Interface, select *Exit Express […]

Native Instance Type Support

Users are now able to select a specific Instance Type when launching a Deployment in CONS3RT using AWS Commercial, AWS GovCloud, Azure Commercial, or Azure Gov. This update brings behavior in line with the Cloud providers that natively support instance type-based hosts (i.e. Azure, AWS EC2, and OpenStack), and provides users with another layer of […]

Arcus FAQs

Q: Who is managing the service?A: The TSMO program office under Mr. Brad Thomason ( is offering this service to Government users. Q: When will Arcus be available?A: We are working hard to get new infrastructure in place to avoid or minimize any gap in service. We anticipate initial capabilities no later than end of […]

Announcing: Arcus

Several organizations have reached out to ask us about the future of HmC. While we have not received any official notice, we are aware of the messages that are being sent out from the local branch. Obviously, we do not want to see any organization left in the lurch when it comes to getting things […]