CONS3RT ( is the leading-edge hybrid cloud orchestration and security management solution, enabling automated, user-driven DevOps workflows. There are several tools that target cloud management, but only CONS3RT focuses on users so they can get things done!

Users can leverage the provisioning, build and validation services so their organization can achieve the highest levels of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Key Features

  • Over 6 million hours of use in development, test, production and cyber environments
  • Multi-cloud support
  • ElasticTest™
  • User-friendly web portal
  • Security hardened solution
  • ReST API


Hybrid Cloud

Register your supported private or public cloud space an begin working immediately. Current adapters include Amazon Web Services, Azure, VMware Air, OpenStack, and VMware vCloud. Automatically lay down the cloud space security infrastructure and rapidly deploy the same design to any cloud provider. Make deployment decisions real time based on the critical criteria for the task at hand – cost, performance, security, location, etc.


On-demand workflows are the key to productivity. Choose the level of automation you are comfortable with and schedule them to happen now, at a certain time or when resources are available, etc. What you want, when you need it! Through the use of recurring schedules and defined lease times, users can plan runs to occur on a periodic basis based on times and intervals while having their resources automatically released to save time and money.

Asset Library

The library contains the resources needed to build your simple to complex systems- compute, network, software, configurations, licenses, tests, source code, etc. In this multi-tenant space, users have full control over their library as well as access to the community resources.

Adaptive Framework

CONS3RT is built to allow for continued expansion - new cloud technologies, more test tools, alternate provisioning methods, etc. Flexibility is the key as there is no single way to solve problems. Integrate with current tools via the ReST API for a more comprehensive workflow. Or leverage native integrations like the Slack app.

Remote Access

Secure, browser based remote access to your systems in the cloud, no plug in required! Choose your preferred connection protocol - SSH, RDP and/or VNC. You can also move files in and out of your Linux based system over the same connection.

User Self-Service

Developers, admins, testers, et al can quickly get access to the systems and resources they need thru a user friendly web portal. No longer do they have to wait on support tickets just to get their job done.

Configuration Management

Achieve full control of how your systems are built and configured from top to bottom. No more surprises or missing configs. By continually deploying from your standard configurations, they are constantly validated for accuracy.


Automated provisioning of temporary test & security tools directly into the local cloud space provides simpler, more comprehensive testing and better security scanning inside of physical or virtual boundaries.

Customers & Successes

CONS3RT has been used as the primary cloud orchestration tool in the Department of Defense. It is used every day for development, test and operations by hundreds of users. One site alone had over three million virtual machine hours of development and test activity this past year.

Some user success stories include:

  • A program office increased test coverage by 400% even after their staff was cut by 50%
  • One team reduced time between releases from six months to six weeks, at the same time reducing the number of findings from low triple digits to just a handful
  • A data center operator reduced system fielding time of production system from 4 days to 3 hours
  • An ERP system performed 1,500+ automated tests executed in the first six months with an 87% reduction in execution time and now has a full time team dedicated to test automation
  • An integration team now performs regular source code security scans with immediate feedback to their contractor
  • One agency had a team of 20 working on similar capability for two years without success; they switched to CONS3RT and were up and running in 30 days

Use Cases

CONS3RT can be used for...

  • build workstations for developers to write code
  • build workstations for testers to write test
  • perform manual tests
  • "what if" analysis
  • vulnerability assessments
  • execute regression testing on new builds
  • penetration testing
  • perform smoke tests
  • performance testing
  • continuous integration (big & little)
  • automated source code scanning
  • pull from multiple public and private repositories
  • compliance testing
  • share knowledge, techniques & technology across communities
  • re-use the knowledge investment (do re-solve every problem)
  • connect non-developers & non-testers