Jackpine Messaging


A common theme throughout Jackpine's years of experience with distributed systems is the need for a stable messaging substrate for communication between system components. Countering that desire is the rapidly changing field of commercial messaging libraries, protocols, and varying system and security requirements. Evolving standards and maturing technologies drive frequent new product introductions and updates, introducing potentially large-scale churn into even agile development environments.

To combat this risk, Jackpine has created an adapter- and facade-based messaging library, which separates application needs from the underlying communication mechanisms and implementations.


Applications are built using a flexible yet simple messaging abstraction via a Java API, which supports Remote Method Invocation (RMI), Peer-to-Peer, and Fire-and-Forget paradigms.

At runtime, applications can be configured to choose the lower-level implementations necessary to accomplish that goal, and how to configure each of the chosen low-level mechanisms. Included in the configuration are:

  • Messaging architectures/products (JMS, AMQP, ActiveMQ, Qpid, Red Hat Messaging, RabbitMQ, or a lean UDP-based mechanism)
  • Data serialization (XML, YAML, Java)
  • Encryption (if not included in the transport)
  • Compression (Zip, Huffman)
  • Message/Packet separation (for large messages)

Built in a modular fashion, Jackpine Messaging makes it easy to integrate new back-end mechanisms as they become available, and to create custom low-level implementations for any aspect of the communication process.


The Jackpine Messaging library has been developed with high-availability and high-security environments in mind. It is in use in a number of unclassified and classified networks. Every release of the Jackpine Messaging library undergoes rigorous functional testing and is subjected to both live penetration testing and static code analysis. Due to this attention to quality, the Jackpine Messaging library is a great match for demanding military and commercial customers.


Jackpine licenses development kits and runtime libraries for Jackpine Messaging on a per-project basis. Contact us for more information.