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HmC User Group Success (2018)

Jackpine Technologies sponsored the annual HmC User Group. A great collaboration event for users to discover and learn about new features and capabilities.


  • Over 100 registered users
  • Three conference rooms hosting 23 sessions over the course of the day
  • Five sessions delivered by users; four sessions delivered by program offices
  • Keynote speaker: Dr. Steve Hutchison, Director of Capability Development Support Group, DHS
  • Live stream of overview, keynote, and key presentations
  • Announced first Blockchain backed DevOps workflow
    • Full traceability of known good assets or components from their origin in HmC all the way through to their final end states in target DevTest and production clouds
    • Implement the framework required to use “smart contracts” to automate workflows starting with DevOps toolchain with the intent to push up into security accreditation, acquisition and more

User Feedback

  • “This is the most advanced cloud I’ve seen.” – DoD Cloud Engineer
  • “We did not know we could do that!?” – multiple guests
  • “The session on how RaaS accomplishes its mission in HmC alone was worth traveling for.” – Lead Engineer
  • “I really like the sessions by the users.” – Program Staff
  • “Very valuable. My head is spinning with ideas.” – FFRDC Engineer
  • “Very helpful to meet other users and see how they are doing things.” – Test Lead
  • “We want to present next year.” – New Customer Lead Engineer
  • “STIG asset will save me months of work.” – DevOps Engineer
  • “[Intel agency] needs to see how one C2 program is using HmC; they are trying to do the same thing.” – Architect
  • “I was on another program and haven’t used HmC for a few years. I didn’t realize how much new stuff there was. The workshop session really helped catch me up.” – DevOps Engineer
  • “Amazing!” – Program Staff (referring to IoT cloud and hardware options)
  • “A very professional event, look and feel. Top notch.” – Industry Partner
  • “Great buzz!” – Program Manager