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File Transfer for VNC Connections

You asked for it, and we delivered…

Remote Access-based file transfer is now supported when connecting to your Host using a VNC Remote Access Connection. As with RDP and SSH Remote Access, users are now able to upload and download files using the “Drag-and-Drop” method, the Remote Access sidebar, or through the On-screen Clipboard.

To combat VNC’s lack of native file transfer capability, this solution is built on top of the existing secure file copy functionality of SSH. As with SSH remote access connections, only the **initial** user credentials set by the owner of the Run during deployment can be are used for determining file and folder permissions. Changing to a root user, or any other user on the system, won’t impact the files and folders you can upload and download.

File transfer is now standard on all VNC remote access connections. If you connect to your remote Host using credentials that aren’t managed by the CONS3RT Host provisioning process, you’ll need to define a _custom connection_ with the correct credentials and use that definition to access your Host.