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Containers + Private Cloud. Google Sponsors OpenStack Foundation

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Today Google is becoming a sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation, an industry effort dedicated to creating an open infrastructure-as-a-service stack for enterprises.  We’re excited to add our expertise in container-oriented computing to one of the most widely-adopted private cloud stacks, while improving interoperability between private and public clouds.
As we look to the future of computing in the enterprise, we see two important trends emerging.
The first is a move towards the hybrid cloud.  Few enterprises can move their entire infrastructure to the public cloud. For most, hybrid deployments will be the norm and OpenStack is emerging as a standard for the on-premises component of these deployments.
The second trend is a move towards container-oriented computing. Google pioneered new patterns around containers, dynamic scheduling, and micro-service architectures.  We did this to solve hard problems building and operating applications at internet scale, but the model translates well to everyday applications and solves long standing problems in operations.  Recently, through the Kubernetes project, we have started bringing these patterns to the open source community.
We believe that the intersection of these trends is important to businesses everywhere.  By joining forces with the OpenStack Foundation we hope to add container-native patterns to the toolbelt of enterprise developers, and improve interoperability between public and private clouds.  We will be working over the coming months with the community to integrate Kubernetes, as well as complementary container technologies, to create a stronger hybrid cloud.
To learn more about Kubernetes, the open source container orchestration system, visit the website.  For more on our sponsorship of OpenStack, check out their post.