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CONS3RT v5.22 Released

Azure Support
– First phase of Azure support where allocate and configure VirtualNets are available for user activity.
Invite Codes
– Project managers can issue unique invite codes to new users that will automatically approve account registration and add them to the project.
Project Expiration Emails
– Advanced notice to project managers 30 and 60 days before a project expires.
Editable Deployment Properties
– These can now be edited via the GUI for all Deployments.
Asset Verification
All assets are validated (via hash code compare) for integrity before being restored on a deployed system.
New Status Indicator
– New colors and state information to provide a clearer picture on deployment runs.
Query Optimization
– Continued improvement in optimized data queries for faster responses and user experience.

The next release of cons3rt will begin using the new version numbering scheme – the last two digits of the year and the iteration that year. (e.g. 17.1)