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CONS3RT 4.8 Released

The latest CONS3RT release brings all new Nessus vulnerability scanning and security enhancements. Detailed changes include:

Cloud-independent recipes
– Users can now define a single recipe to be used across registered clouds, eliminating any specific container dependency.
Clearer error messages
– More detail on issues encountered in the cloud during deployment runs.
AWS Optimization
– Updates to the Amazon Web Services adapter to perform more parallel operations on multi-system deployments.
Nessus On-Demand Test Tool
– Ability to perform Nessus scans against all systems in a deployment run.
CONS3RT backups
– System administrators can now perform automated back-ups of the database, asset repository and/or deployment run data.
Signed CONS3RT Code
– All cons3rt code is now signed.
Java Security Manager Controls
– Implementation and enforcement of Java controls for system components.
Messaging Access Control Lists
– ACLs to limit access to the Messaging infrastructure to CONS3RT and managed deployment runs.
New API documentation tool
– All new ReST API docs with enhanced usability and WADL.
Utilization metrics (offline)
– Admins can collect and distribute usage metrics (VMs, CPU, RAM, hours, etc.) to all project managers.