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CONS3RT Plays Leading Role – USAF PlugFest PLUS

Jackpine Technologies is providing the common environment that enables vendors to rapidly develop, test, and demonstrate new capabilities during a “virtual fly off” for the Air Force‚Äôs PlugFest PLUS. Vendors remotely access the common environment using Hanscom milCloud which is infrastructure managed by Jackpine Technology’s hybrid cloud orchestration and service management software suite known as CONS3RT.

CONS3RT and PlugFest PLUS will be on display during DI2E PlugFest – May 22 at the George Mason University Johnson Center in Fairfax, VA. Please stop by and learn how the Air Force is – Bending the Cost Curve.

The DI2E Plugfest is the annual demonstration of advancements in the DI2E. The purpose is to provide a environment of networked, interoperable and reusable components, the Plugfest eXchange, where vendors are able to deploy and show their tools to provide flexible, agile and data-driven capabilities to Warfighters.