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CONS3RT 5.17 Released

The latest release of CONS3RT includes the following features:

Browser Limitations
– Users will be see a warning banner and may experience limited functionality when using an older browser. Internet Explorer 9 is now very limited. Any browser not supporting WebSockets (inc. IE9) will not be able to make Remote Access connections into the deployed systems.

Service Status Banner
– A banner is now displayed to all users when any of the internal services are paused for maintenance.

System Bundle
– Users can now download a single bundle to recreate their systems outside of CONS3RT. It will package all assets and properties into a single installer for offline use.

Project Features
– Key features are now enabled and managed on a per project basis, and a ‘valid until’ date for each project will better manage active subscriptions.

Security Policy
– Information on the security practices that CONS3RT follows in order to protect user data.