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CONS3RT 5.10 Released

The latest release of CONS3RT features new stand-up and teardown scripts. Users can add a script for each system to be executed at start-up and/or shutdown. There is also an option to add a script to be executed at the beginning or end of the scenario run. Scenario scripts are executed from the “Master” system in the scenario. Scripts can be bash (Linux), cmd (Windows) or ps1 (Windows).

Also new in CONS3RT 5.10:

Build Order
– The default build order in the Scenario Builder is now parallel rather than serial.

Template Registration
– The GUI and ReST template registration process now supports tag based infrastructure.

More System Specs
– Users can now specify the number of network interfaces required for a system and the type of remote access required (in any).

Project Resource Limits
– All cloudspaces now include enforceable limits on the number of virtual machines per project.

Software Bundles
– Software asset bundles are now displayed as one component in the system view. Bundle order is set upon creation.

File Transfer Hook
– ReST users can leverage a hook for preloading files and then reference that token in their call in order to facilitate creation and management.