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CONS3RT 5.1 Released

Starting with CONS3RT 5.1, the team will be delivering smaller, faster release every two weeks to get capabilities to users more quickly.

The latest CONS3RT release includes:

ElasticTest™ Power Management
– ElasticTest tools now power down when tests are completed to free up resources in your cloudspace. If a re-test is requested, they will power on just for the duration of the test.
Save and Launch
– Users can “Save and Launch” a new Deployment with just one button.
Reorder of software modules
– When using the builders, a new asset can be moved to the top of the last instead of having to drag it up the stack.
CloudSpace property
– A new deployment run property identifies the cloudspace (cloud technology) of the deployment run.
Force Cancel
– If the release of a deployment run fails to execute cleanly, users can request a “Force Cancel” to ensure deletion.
Linux disk formatting asset
– An asset in the community library that performs formatting/mounting of additional disks created as part of a deployment.
Remote access login
– New RDP remote access sessions will pre-populate your CONS3RT username in the login field.