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CONS3RT 5.0 Released

The latest CONS3RT release brings new power management capabilities that allow users to set the power state (on/off/sleep/resume) of individual hosts in active deployment runs.

Software asset bundles
– Users can create bundles of software assets to install as a group on systems. Bundles can also include reboot and load order.
PowerShell as primary install script
– Windows asset developers can now call PowerShell scripts as the primary install method for assets. Powershell scripts are also not editable in the GUI.
Self managed account credentials
– User can add certificates and reset passwords for themselves.
View filters
– Users can filter runs by state, duration, request date(s), and/or IP address.
Persistent search bar
– Search bar is always available to quickly find what you need.
Search by ID
– Users can search for assets and runs by ID as well as text
Improved file transfer options
– File transfer management controls slide out as a menu within the CONS3RT GUI. Now includes direct transfer options for Windows systems (using Microsoft SSH).
More support resources
– Direct access to the Knowledge Base from inside the application and more information (e.g., current site, project, subject) provided with each support request to help troubleshooting.
Email project members
– Project managers and site admins can send notification emails to active project members from the GUI.
Support for AWS Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) images
– Full support for AWS HVM images and several other instance types in Amazon Web Services enables use of cheaper, better instance types.
Cloudspace status monitor & display
– Cloudspace managers can monitor the status of cloud connectivity with a simple red/yellow/green indicator in the management page.
New REST API token architecture
– Users can self-generate REST API keys for each project they work in.
ElasticTest™ implementation
– All supported test tools execute in ElasticTest™ mode.
Nessus 6 support
– Nessus 6 is available along with new Nessus test cases that allow for the setting of profiles, credentials, and policies.
Improved management pages
– Project, Cloudspace, and Cloud management pages feature improved layouts, simpler navigation, and access to more tools.
Systemd Support
– The cons3rt-agent supports systemd, enabling Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Ubuntu 15 *​systems.
Git migration
– The development team has migrated to Git as one of the steps to accelerate development and releases going forward.