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CONS3RT 4.9 Released

The latest CONS3RT release brings an all-new user role and permission framework. Basic users can now create and consume resources within a project, but are limited from sharing by default.

New Home Page
– New home page providing more information on use cases, solutions, news links, help videos, and a new Status dashboard.
Web Exploit Test Tool
– A suite of three popular tools – nmap, nikto, and metasploit – orchestrated to perform a mapping and exploit attempt against your systems.
Granular Access Controls
– The new permission model lets users do more in their project, with incremental controls on sharing and resource consumption. With this implementation of discrete permissions, the framework is in place for more granular controls down the line.
Cloudspace Create
– Automated creation of cloudspaces (VPC) in Amazon Web Services at project set-up time.
Dynamic Storage Provisioning
– As part of their recipe configuration, users can now request up to four additional storage disks (up to 1 TB each) that will be made available to provisioned hosts with each deployment run.
ARM Processor Support
– CONS3RT can now be used to provision to ARM processor based resources, including the popular Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone development boards.
New Support Tools
– Inline support pop-up window to enter and follow support tickets directly with the CONS3RT team and via your email.
Knowledge Base Articles
– Topic-based, searchable knowledge base articles to simplify your search for answers.