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CONS3RT 4.6 Released

The latest CONS3RT release brings enhanced resource management, search optimization, browser file transfer, asset states, and an all-new ReST API.

Search Optimization
An all new query structure improves search response times by 20x or more.
Asset States
Users can now set the state of an asset (e.g released, offline, retired, deprecated, etc.) they develop to help manage usage and filter views.
Instance Limit
CONS3RT now schedules and optimizes virtualized deployments based on user-defined instance limits on all types of assets; particularly helpful in managing software licenses.
Second-Generation ReST API
The ReST API has been re-architected with 90+% coverage of web portal capability and supports html, json, and xml content.
File Transfer
Users can now transfer files from between local and virtualized remote systems via a Remote Access session (SSH connection required).