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Bending the Cost Curve


Bending the Cost Curves: PlugFest PLUS

January 20, 2015

George Mason University

PlugFest Plus Interviews

Dr Camron Gorguinpour. Part 1 is 6:17 in length

Innovative Army contract vehicle identified beginning at: 3:14

Dr Camron Gorguinpour, Part 2 is 4:56 in length

Dr Camron Gorguinpour, Part 3 is 8:04 in length

Mechanics of PlugFest Plus and Other Transaction Agreement  (OTA)

Chris Gunderson Part 1 is 6:26 in length

App store metaphor introduced at 4:36

Chris Gunderson Part 2  is 4:28 in length

Other Transaction Agreement introduced at 0:53