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Arcus FAQs

Q: Who is managing the service?
A: The TSMO program office under Mr. Brad Thomason ( is offering this service to Government users.

Q: When will Arcus be available?
A: We are working hard to get new infrastructure in place to avoid or minimize any gap in service. We anticipate initial capabilities no later than end of April, with full operations shortly thereafter. Programs can sign up now.

Q: What does it cost? How do I pay for it?
A: Arcus will kick off with a recognizable catalog of services and costs. Look for new options and capabilities as we work with TSMO to grow the offering. The contract path has been identified and the paperwork is in flight. In the meantime, the TSMO PMO is ready to accept MIPRs in order to keep things moving.

Q: What about the security?
A: Initial capabilities will include the same CONOPS and security measures that programs are used to. As has been the case, these will evolve and improve over time to maintain the security of deployments in all clouds.

Q: How is Arcus related to HmC?
A: Programmatically and contractually these are completely separate efforts. Arcus will be deploying much of the same software components so it will be familiar to users; they should be able to hit the ground running. Much of the Arcus staff has worked on and/or in HmC, bringing a wealth of expertise to support your efforts.

Q: Can I reuse my work in HmC?
A: Previous work in HmC is 100% compatible with Arcus. For all Arcus users, the Community Team is available to affect the migration of your work out of HmC. This migration would include the transfer of all assets and a redeploy of any systems. This is included in the base service; there is no additional cost.

Q: Where did the name Arcus come from?
A: From the dictionary, Arcus is “a low, horizontal cloud typically forming at the leading edge of thunderstorm.” The Arcus service provides leading-edge, wide access to cloud providers, allowing users to make things happen.

Q: How do I find out more?
A: Please do not hesitate to call or email with any further questions. You can reach out to me and/or Mr.Thomason, the TSMO Program Manger, at

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